1. Consultation

Notre processus commence par la prise de contact avec vous. L’un de nos technico-commerciaux entrera en contact avec vous pour convenir d’un rendez-vous de consultation, soit par téléphone, soit en personne.

Comprendre vos exigences

  • Nous travaillons avec vous pour comprendre l’utilisation de la salle.
  • Nous étudions les effectifs, les rôles, les responsabilités et la fréquence des tâches entreprises par chaque personne dans la salle de contrôle.
  • Nous vous aidons à déterminer quelles seront les applications futures.
  • Nous réalisons une étude de site en mesurant la pièce, en notant toutes les ouvertures, l’équipement existant, la circulation piétonnière et les servitudes du bâtiment (ou vous pouvez transmettre votre plan d’étage, vos dimensions et la liste des équipements).

2. Conception

Nous offrons un service de conception GRATUIT à tous nos clients, pour vous aider à comprendre les solutions proposées.

Notre proposition

  • Notre équipe de conception expérimentée fournit des dessins cotés 2D de haute qualité réalisés sous AutoCad Inventor. Tous les dessins présentent notre proposition pour améliorer votre environnement de travail avec des niveaux de ligne de vue, des angles de vue et des solutions ergonomiques.
  • Nous tenons compte de la conception ergonomique des salles de contrôle, conformément à la norme BS EN ISO 11064 lorsque nous intégrons vos exigences et les transformons en un design.
  • Nous fournissons des dessins de rendu 3D avec quatre vues pour vous aider à visualiser votre salle de contrôle.
  • Nous identifions tous les accessoires supplémentaires tels que les fauteuils, l’éclairage et les supports de moniteur.
manufacturing detail

3. Fabrication

Nous fabriquons tous les meubles à partir de notre siège social au Royaume-Uni ou de nos bureaux en Australie, pour ces clients, en utilisant une main d’œuvre hautement qualifiée et expérimentée pour l’assemblage et l’installation des meubles.

En de bonnes mains

  • Un chef de projet vous sera affecté. Il travaillera avec vous tout au long des phases de fabrication et d’exécution.
  • Nous réalisons une étude de site avant la fabrication.
  • Nous soumettons des plans de fabrication à votre approbation avant le début des travaux.
  • Les couleurs et les finitions peuvent être choisies à l’aide de notre configurateur web.
  • Nous offrons à tous nos clients la possibilité d’inspecter les meubles (TAU) après le montage en usine, mais avant l’expédition, afin qu’il n’y ait pas de mauvaises surprises !
Carte mondiale rejoignez-nous chez Thinking Space Systems

4. Réalisation

Nous assurons la livraison et l’installation de vos meubles dans le monde entier.

Une mise en œuvre sans problème

  • Tous les meubles sont faciles à installer si vous le souhaitez, avec des tutoriels vidéo pratiques également disponibles.
  • Nous offrons également un service d’installation par l’intermédiaire d’une équipe de personnel expérimenté, familier avec les environnements typiques d’une salle de contrôle.
  • Nous veillons à ce que vos meubles soient livrés à temps et à votre satisfaction...ce à chaque fois !
This is the second time we have worked with Thinking Space; previously we built a control room specifically for the Quarry Operations, however this project included bringing both the quarry and lime operations together to become more efficient and effective in the way the departments operate. We had a large store room that was to be converted, the idea / concept we had was to build as large a desk and media wall as possible as this gave room for expansion.Thinking Space visited site and worked with us on a few ideas before coming to the final design where full 2D and 3D drawings were created to really help visualise exactly how the control room would look. Thinking Space were very helpful on installation dates as we were on a very tight deadline and had a critical path to stick to. Finally the installers worked in a very professional manner to a high standard, they also worked with us to ensure everything was installed to meet our requirements. In summary I would highly recommend working with Thinking Space, they provide A+ service on all aspects from start to finish.
"Thinking Space Systems really listened to what it was we wanted to create in both look and feel. The design work was essential – we worked collaboratively to achieve the best room layout and design for the new training suite. There were great little touches, such as the propeller design on the panels and green LED lights under the consoles to help create a wow factor. Everyone’s been really impressed with the result. It was a pleasure to work with Thinking Space on this".
We really are pleased with the quality of service you have provided us from end to end...From sales to design, project management and installation everything has been delivered to quality standard and one your company should be proud of...I would have no hesitation to recommend you to anyone.

Aston University recently were lucky enough to work with Thinking Space in refurbishment works of the new Security Control room. Not an easy task when accommodating a room with so much technology, and to satisfy multiple end users. This was a complete redesign, with the focus on creating not only a user-friendly space, but a calm atmosphere essential when controlling emergency incidents. It is not always easy to achieve both function and design, but it has been achieved here. I’m confident we now have the base in which to serve our community, and a space our workforce can take pride in.

Thinking Space have delivered exceptional furniture solutions within our new control room. Each of our operators now has the chance to alter their own workspace easily for comfort. It is the attention to detail, with privacy screens, cable tunnels and height adjustability that have made all the difference now. The result is that staff are more engaged, focused and productive in this new healthy working environment.
Martin Raines
CCTV Operator | East Riding Council
“The Thinking Space team are professional and helpful. They explained all that was needed in a clear and precise way which made it easier to picture their vision of our new control room to us. I would highly recommend Thinking Space for your ARC control room furniture, it’s made such a difference to the wellbeing and productivity of our staff here”.
Kevin Suffolk
Protect-Us Monitoring
Working with Jason from Thinking Space was a pleasure, he understood the project brief and engaged with the CCTV operators regarding their comfort and the usability of the desks. This ensured that the final desk arrangement, lighting configuration and monitor control was as required from day one. Going through a procurement process ensured we got the value for money and quality required, this was not an issue for Thinking Space, in what is a competitive market. Regarding fit out, Jason liaised with our CCTV installation team ensuring that final fit and positioning of the desk, monitor wall and ducting was right first time. Zero snags, well done and thank you.
Andy Bond
Chesterfield Borough Council / Control Room Manager
“The furniture is a big change from the previous furniture having been over 18 years old, and the effects it has had on staff and our operations have been noticed. The new furniture is modern, easy to maintain and has created a clean environment for staff that they can feel proud of. From initial consultation to installation, the process was smooth. Thinking Space staff were professional and worked efficiently to ensure the furniture was ready before the final move”
Andrew Webber
Hampshire County Council
“Working from the Operations Centre has been very different – it’s a large space, with real daylight (and windows!). I perhaps expected it to be very noisy, but this wasn’t so – the space is bigger and the noise absorption acoustic panels seem to make a real difference”. “Like everything, it’s taken a bit of getting used to, but having everything on one system has made work easier. The Centre itself is bright, with plenty of room, even the small details have been paid attention to. I didn’t really know what to expect with the move, until we came over for the visit. The way everything is set out, has made the work we do more efficient”.
Operations Staff
Bristol Operations Centre

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