Materials and finishes

The key differences between our consoles and others on the market today are the materials used and the engineering methodology behind them. All materials are fire resistant, environmentally friendly and durable and offer the ultimate in flexible designs.


All technical furniture is built using the Core Assembly system, an aluminium framework which is rigid, strong, recyclable and completely customisable.

console assembly close up
cladding panel image

Cladding panel

Cladding panels fit within the framework of the console.  These are made from a composite sheet, with a core of polyethylene, sandwiched between two layers of aluminium.

At our factory, we laminate the sheet and apply a decorative PVC foil to one side. The decorative foil gives a range of finishes, including wood grains. Using a CNC machine, we can cut the panels to any shape or size, including cutting out your logo to display within the panel.


Our worktops consist of a Marine grade MDF core, with a balancing layer on each side for durability. Worktops are cut to any shape using a router which is driven and programmed by the design office using our dedicated AutoCad Inventor software.

worktop cutting image

Material finishes

Please browse our selection of worktop and cladding finishes below, but please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee colour matches and some colours may vary to the actual materials. If you would like samples to be sent to you, please let your Thinking Space Sales Representative know, or email us at

Cladding panel swatches

Worktop swatches

We hold a large stock of colours to choose from below, which are recommended for control room environments. However we can supply any other colour from the Polyrey range, just ask your Thinking space sales representative.

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