Novus MY monitor mounts

Logo_NOVUSThe Novus MY range is a lightweight monitor mounting solution featuring a mount or arm support on a column, suitable for monitors up to 5kg. Single or twin monitor mounting options are also available as is a choice of 5 different mounting options too. The range is finished in silver or white.


Novus MY monitor mounts form a range suitable for lightweight monitors weighing up to 5kg, consisting of a monitor mount and column which comes in a range of fixing methods, and a choice of white or silver finishes:

  • drilling screw fitting
  • cable port attachment
  • rail attachment
  • wall rail fixing
  • desk clamp (14-40mm)

The MY product range is:

MY One - a MY fix mounting bracket and column

MY One Plus -  a MY mounting bracket with arm, and column

MY Twin Fix - two MY fix mounting brackets on one column

MY Twin Arm - two MY mounting brackets with arms, and one column