Novus MY Tab tablet holder

Logo_NOVUSThe Novus MY Tab is ideal for keeping tablets in a fixed, elevated position that allows the user to use both hands whilst preventing stratches by placing it in a secure, anti-slip hold. Tablets can be mounted in either portrait or landscape, with a tiltable platform which encourages versitility and allows for user interaction without manual handling of the tablet.


The Novus MY Tab tablet holder is a unique tablet holder that makes it easy to insert and remove tablets without scratching the touchscreen face nor damaging the glossy back, with malleable areas which shape to the tablet edges whilst remaining durable and high quality over time.

A variety of tablets can be mounted, with dimensions of 7" to 10" supported due to the Novus MY Tabs's clamping length of 160-300 mm. The housing unit which can be fasted to a height adjustable column that can be fixed to any number of surfaces such as desks, worktop counters or walls through a variety of methods, for example clamps or drill screw fixings.

The Novus MY Tab is available in either anthracite or white, with 2 cable holders supplied with each tablet holder to provide safe, tidy cable management. If additional holders are required, these can be purchased separately. For more information, please visit

This product has a 2 year Novus guarantee when handled in a proper manner.