Novus OfficeLight Corona 2 task lamp

Logo_NOVUSThe Novus OfficeLight Corona 2 is a modern desk lamp with a 2-part articulated support arm which uses the universal clamp 1 fixing method to provide a perfectly illuminated work area with 6 powerful LED's. Intelligent circuitry provides the NOVUS OfficeLight Corona with infinitely variable dimming which makes the Corona 2 easy to use and have a high degree of flexibility.


The modern design of the Novus Officelight Corona 2 task lamp incorporates a 2-part articulated aluminium arm with adjustable joints and a spring balancing mechanism to allow for infinite adjustability. It has an action radius of 995mm and a cable length of approximately 2 meters, with internal cable management to hide additonal wiring. The universal clamp allows for it's use on tables or sufaces with a thickness between 18 - 74mm, suiting most work spaces.

The 6 LEDs in the new NOVUS Office Light Corona 2 reach maximum output on just 8.5 watts of power, illuminating the entire desk surface with incredible efficiency. Intelligent circuitry provides the Corona II with infinitely variable dimming whilst the press of a button returns the LED light back to the maximum output of 746 lux. The lamp reaches an average luminous intensity of 461 lux, based on the DIN 5035-8. After operating for 10 hours, the energy-saving function automatically switches the light to standby mode, with the low power consumption of 0.2 watts. With an orientation light integrated in the switch, the lamp shows the way in the dark.

Available in both silver & anthracite or light grey, the Novus Officelight Corona 2, blends in seamlessly so users can place it into the correct position with required or subtly keep it into the background when it's turned off.

This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps that cannot be changed and is compatible with bulbs of the energy classes A, A+ and A++.

This product has a 2 year Novus guarantee when handled in a proper manner.