Novus OfficeLight Luma desk lamp

Logo_NOVUSThe Novus Officelight Luma is a high quality LED desk lamp with a 2-part articulated arm that gives it users flexibility in adding light to their workspace, so they can work and read documents without having to harmfully strain their eyes.


A modern LED desk light, the 2-part aluminium arm has adjustable joints and a spring balancing mechanism that enables an infinitely variable height placement. The universal clamp allows for it’s use on tables or surfaces with a thickness between 18 – 74mm, suiting most work spaces. Altermatively, an Novus Officelight Luma base can be purchased separately, for unfastened placement on any solid surfaces.

The large operating range of 890 mm, 360 degree rotation and strong 8.5kw lamp ensures users are able to move the light to where the focus of the beam is required, and the high-quality aluminium maintains it’s durability long-term so it can be used in 24/7 working environments.

Available in silver, the Novus Officelight Luma blends in seamlessly so users can place it into the correct position with required or subtly keep it into the background when it’s turned off.

This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps that cannot be changed and is compatible with bulbs of the energy classes A, A+ and A++.

This product has a 2 year Novus guarantee when handled in a proper manner.

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