Novus TabletSafe tablet holder

Logo_NOVUSThe Novus TabletSafe tablet holder is a secure, stylish and durable product which meets the need for the use of tablets in a public space without the possibility of theft or damage, with a manual key locking mechanism that controls accessibility and a range of mounting options available.


The Novus TabletSafe tablet holder provides a secure housing for tablets of various sizes within a bevelled metal frame, with an open screenpanel which gives users access to the touchscreen interface. The metal base of the frame has 4 rubberised tablet grips which hold the tablet in place, so the cutout panel is directly in line with the tablet screen making use easy and efficient.

The Novus TabletSafe can be used with a range of Novus items, with freestanding desk & floor stands available for locations with restricted personnel access whilst fixed wall mounts can be supplied for public spaces where entry is unmonitored. Alternatively, the TabletSafe can be mounted on fixed columns for height adjustability when tablets are to be used more interactively. Novus columns are available in a range of heights from 100mm - 600mm.

The TabletSafe is available in either anthracite, silver and anthracite or silver and white, with prices varying based on colour. Specific TabletSafe models should be purchased based on the user's tablet make and dimensions, so please visit or get in touch with a Sales Specialist for more information.