RH Logic 400 control room chair

The RH Logic 400 sets the benchmark of high performing ergonomic seating, with outstanding flexibility and durability that meets BS-EN1335 and BS-5459 PART 2 standards. The 24/7 chairs have been specifically created for use in working environments with breathable natural fibres, lumbar pumps and adjustable neck & arm rests that ensure your body receives the variation and support it requires as you move.

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RH Logic 400 control room chair

These market leading 24/7 chairs have been specifically created for use in environments where ergonomic excellence and people performance are key to success.

The RH Logic range incorporates both good aesthetic and ergonomic principles, demonstrated through adjustable seat heights and depths and extra padding between the shoulder blades, along with a seat and back that are correctly shaped to provide support and strain relief. The standard seat is 475mm deep by 465mm wide with a gas stem of 410-530mm that provides a seat angle adjustment of +7°-14°. Additional specifications are as follows:

Height of lumbar support above the seat: 195-270 mm

Backrest height: 620 mm

Backrest height adjustment (from seat): 650-725 mm

Backrest width: 440 mm

Back angle adjustment: 17°

Height of armrest above seat: 215-295 mm

Distance between armrests: 375-505 mm

Diameter of base: 660 mm

Whilst remaining amongst the very best of environmentally sound chairs available, the Logic 400 offers a generous range of accessories such as neckrests, exchangeable pads, extra large seats, decorative stitching and more.

The Logic 400 is available in a range of shades of blue, green, red and grey so get in touch for more information or a quotation.

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Complies to European and British Standard BS-EN1335


Complies to British Standard BS-5459 PART 2